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Logo Design

Your visual identity is a vital part of your business or organisation. The key elements of symbol, text, style and colour create an image that represent your service, ethos and values and also appeal to your target market. Unique logos which stand out in their creativity, originality and often simplicity will capture the attention of a media saturated society and help identify your brand in the market place.

At Design Sense, we specialise in logo design. We see this first step as an investment in the professionalism and longevity of your brand. We are passionate about ensuring that emerging businesses get the best start possible to give them a competitive edge right from the beginning, rather than relying on an online solution that other businesses may already be using! If you are serious about your business, organization or even community event, great graphic design will make a difference!

It’s also important that your logo is used consistently across all items of stationery, signage, uniforms, marketing and online applications. Once we have created your logo, we can then design everything you need, to ensure your brand is professional.

The Logo Design Process

  1. Client Meeting – this can be face to face, on the phone or via email or skype. It gives us an opportunity to find out what you do, what you are looking for in a logo or brand, and if you have any ideas to contribute to the design process.
  2. Research and Concept Development – we like to look at your competition and other similar businesses to ensure you have something unique that stands out. We will research styles, colours, fonts and images that may be combined to represent your business or organization in the best way. Then we will work on developing concepts for your consideration.
  3. Refining Concepts – after presenting you with between 3 and 5 logo options, we recommend that you get some feedback from others – family, friends, colleagues or staff – and come back to us with suggestions or changes. We will respond to your feedback (although at times, we may need to guide or educate you as to why we believe that our design may work better!) and work with you until you are completely satisfied with the outcome.
  4. Logo Formats and Applications – we will provide a range of logo formats for you to use, but are also committed to working with you on the application of your new brand. Building a good relationship is an important part of the process and we love seeing how your business grows as you come back to us at various stages of development.