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We've prepared a number of articles outlining some of the most common things we've been asked over the years. Hopefully they will clear up any questions you have, however if you can't find the information you need here, feel free to contact us.

See below or in the right-hand column for the index of articles. Click on the heading to view the full article. Each article has a link to a printable PDF, and images are used where relevant. A search option will be available soon.

Also note we are constantly adding to this list, so please come back later to find new information!

Index of Articles

What is a logo, and why do I need one?
Where do I start? Logo preparation & the process involved
Logo access, copyright & registration
A guide to using your logo correctly
Different Logo (Image) Formats

Business Branding
Branding your business
Time for a makeover? Updating your brand

How much does a website cost?
Preparing your website content - Checklist
Keeping your website up to date - Content Management Systems
What features should my website include?
Will my website be found by Google? (About Search Engine Optimisation)
Choosing key words, title & description for your website
Different Web Layouts

How to set up your hosted email in Windows Live Mail
How to set up your hosted email in Microsoft Outlook 2010
How to set up an email signature in Windows Live Mail
How to set up an email signature in Microsoft Outlook 2010