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Preparing your website content - Checklist

The development of your website will take a lot less time if you are well-prepared. This article lists the things you will need to provide to Design Sense and how to make our job easier.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting
Domain Name (exising or desired): ________________________________________________________________

Do you already have Domain Registration & Web Hosting?

NO > Design Sense can organise it for you at a competitive price.

YES > Please provide Design Sense with the following information:

  • Web Hosting Provider
  • Login details (FTP and Online Control Panel)

Images & Branding
Your logo and any photos you want included in the design or layout of your website. If your branding was done by a company other than Design Sense, please provide us with a style guide or some samples of your business' stationery and/or advertising material so that we can match the website to your brand.

  • For photos of people, make sure you have permission in writing from those photographed to appear on the website.
  • Make sure your photos are not subject to copyright. You generally cannot use photos from other websites or clipart galleries without permission. Photos you have taken yourself are fine.
  • If you don't have any photos, you can search on stock photo libraries such as, and provide us with the photo numbers or links. We will arrange for the purchase of stock photos at the required resolution.

Pages & Structure
Make a list of all the pages you want to appear on the website, and the order you want them in.

This is primarily the text information you want included in your site, but could also include links to other websites or downloadable documents.

  • Prepare your website content in a Word Document (or similar).
    Click here to download a template to get you started (Word Document 102 KB).
  • Arrange the content under headings and subheadings according to the pages of your website and in the order you want them to appear.
  • Make sure the content is 'FINAL'. This means it has been checked for spelling and grammar mistakes, and has been approved by the appropriate people in your organisation.
  • Include photos as separate files, however you can indicate where you would like them to go in the Word Document as well.

Title, Description, Key Words
Write a title, description and some key words to describe your website. Make sure they relevant to your website content.

See our article on Choosing key words, title & description for your website for more information

Content Management System
Will you be needing to make changes to the website yourself?

NO > Continue to the next section

YES > List the parts of the website you will need to be able to update: __________________________________

Additional Features
Tick any of the following you would like to include:

  Feature You will need to provide
Photo Gallery/galleries All image files organised into folders if multiple galleries are required
Events Calendar Individual needs to be discussed with Design Sense
Video/Audio Files Media files or YouTube/Vimeo etc. links
    Note that Design Sense also provides a web video production service
Animations Individual needs to be discussed with Design Sense
Forms A list of input fields, and the destination e-mail address
Personell Profiles All profile information, text and photos named accordingly
Newsletter Signup Individual needs to be discussed with Design Sense
Member Login Area Individual needs to be discussed with Design Sense
Online Store A comprehensive product list (name, description, price etc. for each product) plus images

See our article on Website Features for more ideas.

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