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Choosing key words, title & description for your website

The key words, title and description of your website are embedded in the code of your website, and serve a few key purposes. Most importantly, they are used by search robots when indexing your site, and can help people find you more easily. This article outlines how you should go about choosing these important elements for your website.

Your title is displayed in the title bar of the browser window, and is also seen by search engine users. Write a short, one-line summary of what the page is about. Include your most important keywords. We recommend no more than 80 characters for best results.

Some search engines display the description along with the title in search engine results. Write a short description of about 15-25 words (less than 150 characters). Include a few of your most important keywords, and make sure the description is relevant to the content of your website.

Key Words
This is any words that, when browsers type them into a search, you want your site to be found. Make sure key words relate to the information on your page. Avoid repetition. Make sure you include the most important key words in your title and description as well, as some Search Engines do not use key words when ranking pages.

Choosing key words, title & description for your website

When you have chosen your title, description and key words, please supply them to Design Sense in electronic format (via email or in a Word Document or simliar).

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