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Did you know that almost 90% of Australians use Google as their primary means to search for businesses?

This just goes to show how important it is for you to have a online presence. Unfortunately though, just because you have a website does not guarantee that people are going to find it. There are many factors that can effect your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Rank, and it can take time for your website to ‘climb up the ladder’.

What is my SERP Rank?
Whenever someone conducts a Google (or any other search engine) search, the result page will show a list of links to web pages that relate to the words that were entered in the search. These links are displayed in order of relevance based on a series of factors such as your website content, page description, number of pages in your
site and incoming links. The higher up the list a website is displayed, the higher the SERP Rank.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
SEO can be defined as the process of making your website achieve a higher SERP Ranking. Ultimately, you want your page to be at the top of the list! However, due to the myriad of ever-changing factors that effect your ranking, this process takes time, and you are not always guaranteed the results you desire.

What Design Sense offers for SEO
In order for a website to be able to be found, it needs to be set up correctly. There are hidden tags that can be embedded in the code of the website to help it to be indexed, and we will make sure that these are in place from the beginning. We also offer a number of SEO packages that will help your pages achieve higher rankings, in turn
leading more traffic back to your site.