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Design Sense started in 1996 with Helen Kenny being a sole trader based at home and over the years, grew to a recognised design studio based in Burt Street Boulder, with 3 experienced team members. Having previously worked as the in-house graphic designer at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Helen saw a business opportunity to fill a market niche for business branding, especially for small and establishing businesses.

In October 2011, Helen and Kristen Fragar, previously of Random Grafix developed a partnership that expanded the services to include web development and many other skills. Simon Kenny joined the team in November 2011 and we moved into our Design Studio in Burt Street in April 2012.

July 2019 saw another change in the Design Sense business structure, but the same team were providing the same great services; Kristen was working on a contract basis with Design Sense. In January 2020, Simon moved to Perth, but continued to work part time remotely until he secured a full time job in March 2021.

In July 2020, Kristen started her own web development business - Help with Websites in July 2020. Kristen continues to maintain Design Sense websites as required but she is not currently taking on any new work.

After exactly 10 years in Burt Street, Helen decided to move the business back to Holmes Street, Boulder in May 2022. The world's thinking has shifted greatly since COVID and home offices are now seen as viable and professional work places. Design Sense has a welcoming design studio, with a spacious meeting space and work/production area (and a fire for cold winter days!)  

Design Sense continues to provide professional graphic design and printing services for new and existing businesses, community organisations, events, schools and individuals.

Design Sense Team

Helen Kenny

Helen Kenny
Business Owner & Brand Manager

Helen specialises in brand design and has a passion for assisting start-up businesses. She manages the operations at Design Sense and enjoys the amazing business community in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. When she's not at work, she is involved in all kinds of projects at Kalgoorlie Baptist Church and in the community. She enjoys her growing family, cooking, spending time with friends, going bush, and being creative away from a computer! "Design Sense is a perfect business - it gives me the flexibility to do what I love and uses my skills to benefit others."




Lee Jacobsen
Bookkeeper - Leeding Business Solutions

Lee has been instrumental in keeping the finances in order at Design Sense. She has a wealth of experience and professionalism and is a great advocate for Design Sense's services.

Helen is active in the local community, supporting many organisations whose values align with hers. Her Christian faith is the foundation of this business, and integrity, honesty and valuing people are qualities she strives to uphold.

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what our clients are saying...

Love it! Yes to banners, yes to biz cards, yes to Kal Miner advert, can't see any changes needed - love it :)

Leah, Party Tricks

what our clients are saying...

What a place to start! Its great!!!! I love the photography you have used in there.. works well. The wording is excellent, seem to cover off on everything we need to say.

Allyson, J&S Mine Management


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