Struggling with your website content? You are not alone!

Many of our clients are so flat out that they are struggling to find time to write their website content. Quite often, this part of the process holds up the completion of the website for months, sometimes even years. For a small additional fee, why not get a professional to write your content for you, taking away the hassle and allowing you to use your valuable time doing what you do best!

Why use a copy writer?

Today, websites are becoming the first port of call for businesses. Potential clients want to gain answers to their questions even before they pick up the phone to engage you. It’s important that your website content is clear, concise and informative. The more quality content you have on your website, the better your organic search ranking will be. Search engines are looking for relevant and original content. There are many considerations to take into account when writing your website content, and you will get the most bang for your buck by engaging a professional to do this for you. As we already mentioned, content writing is often the only thing that holds up website completion. Many clients get 90% of the way through the process, and then wait months, sometimes even years, to complete the final 10%!

How it works

Client Consultation
A copywriter will come and spend 1-2 hours talking to you about your business to gain an understanding of what you do and the style of writing which would be most suitable for your website - eg. professional, informal, technical, approachable, etc. We will also talk to you about your target market, and key words. The conversation may be recorded to ensure the accuracy of the information, and for future reference.


  • Have a good idea of what you want to say on your website. Make some brief notes to organise your thoughts.
  • Identify between 5 and 10 key words that people might use to search for your website. These would include the services you offer, and the location(s) you carry out your business.

Draft Content
A draft of the website content, set out under the headings of each of your pages (and subheadings if necessary) will be prepared. We will use key words you have identified during our meeting to ensure the content is fully optimised to help search engines find your website once it is live. This draft will be emailed to you for checking and amending. If you have any photos or documents that also need to be uploaded onto your website, you will need to supply these at this stage.

Content Completed
Once you are happy with the final copy of your website content, this can be uploaded and your website can go online! Sounds simple, doesn’t it!

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