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Branding Your Business

Your brand is the 'face' of your business. Everyone is familiar with iconic international brands, such as Nike and CocaCola, but who is to say that your brand won't be just as successful? Consistency and creative marketing are all it takes! Your business branding will help you stand out from the crowd and demand attention from your current and potential clients, as well as your competitors. When you are not around to speak for your business, your branding does it for you, so it needs to speak loudly and clearly about who you are and what you do! It needs to send the right messages and be recognisable in an instant.

Once your logo is designed, Design Sense Graphics & Web will begin creating all the different applications for your business - stationery, signage, promotional products, advertising, uniforms, website, etc.

Consistency is Important

It is vital that the application of your visual identity (logo, colour palette, fonts, design elements) is consistent across all items to maintain a professional look. This shows attention to detail, which reinforces a professional image. If different people are involved in applying your branding, there will be inconsistencies, which will weaken the visual identity. Design Sense Graphics & Web are experienced in applying consistent branding across a wide range of applications ... there's nothing we can't do!

A Style Guide

Design Sense Graphics & Web are keen to assist you to use your logo and business branding consistently, so we have developed some guidelines that outline how to do this. A general outline is provided on our website, but a Style Guide specific to your business can also be designed for your reference. This will include information about your colours, fonts, how the logo is to be used in relation to other design elements and a few points - 'what NOT to do'. A Style Guide is a document you can also forward to other people who are applying your logo eg. Newspaper designers, signwriters.

Maintaining Your Brand

It is very important that you ensure your visual identity is kept looking professional. By always maintaining a good appearance, your quality look will recommend your business to others. Faded signs, distorted logos, pixelated images or second rate standards all speak volumes about how people don't care - if they can't be bothered with their own business, they don't really want yours!! Take pride and be confident in your brand - how it looks can be vital to its overall success by building your business reputation.

At Design Sense Graphics & Web, we believe that a unique and professional brand should be available to every business; whether you are a home based bookkeeper, or a multinational corporation, you deserve to have a creative and 'WOW' visual brand. All businesses start small - we want to give you the best opportunity to become one of the BIG brands.

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Different Logo (Image) Formats

When your logo design is complete, you will be supplied with a selection of different image formats. This article outlines the most common formats and their different applications, including .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .eps.

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A guide to using your Logo correctly

Using your logo correctly on all media not only helps trigger an immediate visual association with you, but it also reinforces credibility of the items on which it appears. Consistency of usage is therefore important. Your logo should be used consistently and correctly in advertising and promotional materials, publications, web sites and software interfaces, presentations, stationery, etc. whether in print or electronic media.

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