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Keeping your website up-to-date - Content Management Systems (CMS)

Keeping the information on your website relevant and up-to-date is extremely important!! Although the thought of this can be daunting, in reality it does not have to be a huge task, and little-to-no technical knowledge is required to achieve this if your website includes a Content Management System built by Design Sense.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System can be built into your website to allow you to make changes to certain text, images, documents etc. or can be used to manage an online store, blog, calendar etc. Design Sense custom-builds a CMS for each new website, tailoring it to the individual needs of the client. The CMS is very simple and easy to use. Unlike other Website Development providers, the CMS that Design Sense offers does not use a 'back end', but alternatively everything can be edited using the interface and navigation system of the actual website. All you have to do is log in, find the page you want to change, and click 'edit'.

Do I need a CMS?

To find the answer to this question, you need to think about how often you will be making changes to the website. If your website contains information that isn't likely to go out of date, you may not need a CMS, however it is still important that you revise your website content regularly*. There are 2 options for updating your content as outlined below:

Options Advantages Costs Involved
Update in-house with CMS at any time

Flexibility & control
CMS is simple & easy to use

Slightly Increased cost at creation of website, minimal ongoing maintenance costs
Revise content in-house and periodically send to Design Sense to update on the website

Easier for those who aren't as technically savvy
Less initial cost, maintenance fees are minimal
Fast service (2-5 working days)

Decreased cost at creation of website, small ongoing maintenance fees charged at an hourly rate

How often do I need to update my website?

The answer to this question will depend on the nature of the content that your website contains. Ultimately, you should be adding new & exciting content as often as your resources allow, however practically this may not be feasible or even necessary. As a minimum standard, here is an example of some of the various components a website can include, and how often they need to be maintained:


Calendar/Event Info


Personnel Information

General Information

(At least) weekly - monthly

Weekly - monthly

6-Monthly - annually

In conjunction with turnover

Review every 3 - 6 months

New Content & Social Media

In order to engage your online audience, it is a good idea to be constantly adding to the content of your website, as well as connecting in with social media of some sort, be it FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ etc. There are many resources out there on how to utilise these tools to direct traffic to your website. Check it out for yourself!

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What can I do to boost my Website Rankings?

There are many factors that contribute towards your website's Search Engine rankings. Furthermore, search algorithms are constantly changing and what is effective now may not be several months down the track. While there are no guarantees, here are a few suggestions for things you can easily do yourself for FREE to potentially boost your rankings and get more visitors to your website.

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How much does a website cost?

There are many solutions available today for getting a website for your business or organisation. These can range from free sites that you create yourself, to complicated multi-page database powered sites that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get up & running. Unfortunately there is no 'standard' across the web development industry that dictates how much a website should cost, or what you will receive for your money.

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