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Not all Content Management Systems are created equal

Your website should be an effective marketing tool that is easy to update and manage, however the reality is that many businesses find maintaining their websites more hassle than it's worth

Here at Design Sense Graphics & Web, we have been working with our clients for over 7 years to develop and refine our own Content Mangement System (CMS) that is simple and easy to use. We custom tailor our CMS installation in EVERY website we build to suit the specific needs of each individual Client.

What sets our CMS apart

We have purposely omitted a myriad of unnecessary editing settings and controls that only cause confusion in order to deliver a simple yet very functional CMS. Let us take the hassle out of managing your website by building you a custom system to suit your needs perfectly.

See the articles below for more information about the features of Design Sense's CMS and how it differs from other options available.

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Keeping your website up-to-date - Content Management Systems (CMS)

Keeping the information on your website relevant and up-to-date is extremely important! Although the thought of this can be daunting, in reality it does not have to be a huge task, and little-to-no technical knowledge is required to achieve this if your website includes a Content Management System built by Design Sense.

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Design Sense Content Management System (CMS) vs Wordpress

We often have clients asking us to compare our quotes with others they have received for websites built using different open-source CMS platforms. However this is like asking us to compare apples with oranges. There are a few key differences between what we offer for CMS and the free solutions out there. For the purposes of this article, we are using Wordpress as the main comparison.

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