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Why Become an AWS Solution Architect?

Before learning about how to start a career in AWS as an architect, let us know the reasons first! At present, the cloud computing market has two prominent competitors for market share, i.e., Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. 
According to Gartner, AWS occupies around 47.8% of the public cloud services market. The market share of AWS is over three times that of its nearest competitor, Microsoft at 15.5% market share. 
As a result, companies on the cloud adoption bandwagon consistently look for employees skilled in AWS and cloud computing. Presently, the AWS cloud platform is the backbone of many businesses in over 190 countries. So, the number of job listings for AWS certified candidates has constantly been increasing over the years. The promising trends in salaries for AWS solution architect fresher professionals also drive the interest of many candidates. If you aspire to land your dream job in AWS cloud, we recommend you to search for AWS jobs near me and find the right job for you.
Who is a Cloud Architect?
The general definition of a cloud solutions architect can provide an initial clarity about the job role. The cloud computing architecture is made of the front-end platform, back-end platform, a network, and cloud-based delivery. The cloud solutions architect translates the technical requirements of a project into an architecture and design ideal for the final product. AWS Solution architect roles are for reducing the gap between complex problems and solutions. 
An AWS Solutions architect has the necessary skills and training for evaluating organization requirements for making recommendations on architecture for implementing and deploying applications on AWS. AWS solutions architects also display commitment and promising fluency in AWS knowledge. Furthermore, AWS solutions architects also have a clear impression of the architecture of application and servers using the AWS platform. 
The most crucial aspect of responses on how to become AWS architect refers to basic skills. The awareness of the basic skills needed for an AWS solutions architect can help candidates address their job roles and responsibilities effectively. Here are the basic skills of an AWS solutions architect. 
Fluency in at least one operating system such as Linux, Windows, Solaris, Ubuntu, or Unix. The recommended operating system experience for aspiring AWS solution architect fresher candidates is Linux (Ubuntu or Red Hat). On the other hand, prior experience as a solutions architect or administrator in any of the operating systems is also promising. 
General understanding of specific programming or scripting languages.
Comprehensive knowledge of networking concepts such as IP addresses, DNS, TCP/IP, and HTTP. 
High-level knowledge about key security concepts such as firewalls.
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Role-specific Skills for AWS Solutions Architect
An individual should also focus on the job-specific skills for an AWS solutions architect. These skills are essential for addressing the requirements of various AWS solution architect roles.
Communicating with sales and customers is an important part of the job of an AWS solution architect fresher. Therefore, interpersonal skills are very crucial for the job of an AWS solutions architect.
The major share of responsibilities of an AWS solutions architect deal with solving problems for addressing customer needs and business objectives.
Candidates eager about how to start a career in AWS as an architect should also have adaptability skills. AWS solution architects have to face varied tasks such as writing scripts, troubleshooting, or working on migrations. Therefore, adaptability is a crucial role-specific skill requirement for AWS solution architects.
The diversity of tasks thrown at an AWS solution architect every day implies the need for time management. Therefore, aspiring candidates for the AWS solution architect job role should have time management skills such as day-planning and task prioritization. 
The final yet most important role-specific skill for an AWS solution architect fresher is to stay updated with constant improvements in AWS. Therefore, proactive learning and research is also a vital skill requirement for AWS solution architects. 

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Design Sense in the Business Community

September was a busy month for us, as we co-hosted the Business After Hours and Women in Business events.

The KBCCI's Business After Hours was co-hosted with Goldfields Baptist College. The event was a great success with approximately 60 from the business community attending. It was a great opportunity to talk about what we do, and network with clients and colleagues. The college was a fantastic venue, and we were treated to an excerpt from GBC's upcoming musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by the students. BAH events are held monthly. See for information on upcoming events.

Later that week, the Women in Business' Boulder street walk began at Design Sense. We met with over 15 other businesswomen to connect and share ideas and support. We then walked down Burt street, stopping at Industrial Lane and Just Add People Short stay apartments, finishing up just a few blocks away for canapes and drinks. See for more information about the Goldfields Women in Business.

Design Sense has a fresh new look!


Those of you who have been in contact with us in 2018 will know that Design Sense has a fresh new look! Not only on all our printed items, but also our website and our studio. If you are thinking of giving your brand a birthday, come and have a chat to us and see what we’ve done. It has certainly given us new inspiration for working on creative projects.

Design Sense Graphics & Web Design

Time for a makeover? Updating your brand

Design Sense Graphics & Web has considerable experience in refreshing tired brands, or completely rebranding an existing business. Some brands do lose impact over time - colours and styles change, and while a well designed logo should last many years and even decades (think Ford, Uncle Toby's, etc.), changes can be made to revamp an image. When rebranding occurs, there are usually some elements that are retained eg. Colours or fonts, or perhaps part of the logo, while others are changed. This helps to provide a link from the old to the new, and allows for continuity in the minds of the clients. It may also help to minimise the cost, eg. The whole building may not need repainting if the corporate colours remain the same. Refreshing a logo may be quite subtle, but it can make a big difference.

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Design Sense Graphics & Web Design

What is a Logo, and why do I need one?

A Logo is a symbol or graphic emblem which is a concise, portable and powerful visual communication tool used to represent commercial enterprises, organisations or individuals. The logo is the central part of a broader Visual Identity - an image that helps promote public recognition of who the entity is and what they do.

A Logo is usually made up of a combination of a symbol or icon, and some text (eg. The name of the business). When designed by a professional, a logo becomes an asset to the company, and all visual communication is based on the colours, style, fonts and supporting elements uniquely created to represent that company's character and ethos.

How important is a logo?

The visual identity of your business or organisation is vital. A great logo will give potential clients an impression of the quality, professionalism and trustworthiness of the company.

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