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Is AWS worth it or not? Future of AWS - Scope in 2023

Why has the cloud gained so much hype? 
Have you heard that every enterprise is shifting to the cloud now? I’m sure you have, do you ever wonder why? Well, enterprises big or small are shifting to the cloud as cloud technology is making it simple and hassle-free to access workplace systems, files, and data from anywhere making the security and safety of the data a priority. The cloud amongst many other benefits offers the ability to slim down the big IT budgets. This comes as a cost-efficient option that almost every enterprise, organization or even user is looking out for. 
Amazon Web Service is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies and governments.
AWS in simplest words is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that is constantly evolving provided by amazon it encompasses a mixture of infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and packaged software as a service. 
It enables the user to choose the operating system, language that they wish to program in, database and all the other services they might need. AWS makes a virtual environment for the user where he/she is free to load software and services that their application requires. 
History of AWS 
To understand better, have a glimpse at the evolution of AWS over the years. 
Various services provided by AWS: 
Migration :
Migration services are used to move data physically between the data centre and AWS.
1. DMS( Database Migration Service) 
DMS is a service that can be used to migrate an on-site database to AWS. It has been proven to be helpful to migrate from one type of database to another, for instance, Oracle to MySQL.
2. SMS ( Server Migration Service)
SMS migration services allow you to migrate on-site servers to AWS efficiently and quickly. 
3. Snowball
It is a small application which allows the user to transfer terabytes of data inside and outside of the AWS environment. 
Storage :
1. Amazon Glacier- It is an extremely low-cost storage service. It offers security and very fast storage for data archiving and backup.
 2. Amazon Storage Gateway- This AWS service is establishing connections between on-premises software applications with cloud storage. It is utilized in a way to employ secure integration between the company’s on-premises and AWS’s storage infrastructure.
1. IAM (Identity and access management) 
IAM is a secure cloud security service which aids you to manage users and assigning policies from groups to manage multiple users.
2. Certificate Manager –
The service offers free SSL certificates for domains of your choice that are managed by Route53.
3. WAF (Web Application Firewall)WAF security service offers application-level protection and allows you to block SQL injection and helps you to block cross-site scripting attacks.
4. Cloud DirectoryThis service allows a user to create flexible, cloud-native directories for managing hierarchies 
5. KMS-
It is a managed service, that is a security service. This service aids in controlling and creating. This allows us to encrypt data. 
6. Organizations- One can create a group of AWS accounts with the help of this service to manage security and automation settings.
7. Shield-It is managed DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) It offers safeguards against web applications running on AWS.
8. Macie-It offers a data visible security service that enables the classification and protection of the users’ critical content.
9. GuardDuty-
It offers threat detection so as to protect the user’s AWS accounts and workloads. 

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