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Where do I start? Logo preparation & the process involved

It is a good idea to put some thought into your logo before you meet with us at Design Sense Graphics & Web. We will cover the following areas when we meet with you to discuss your logo design.

Business Name
Most people have already decided on a name and registered it before they come to us. However, we are also able to assist you to be a bit more creative with your name if you need some help. Below are a couple of examples where clients have had a name in mind, and we have suggested an alternative that has been a much better option. 'Effie's Beaded Bits' became 'Beadistinctive' and 'Gold Dust Spas' became 'SpaKal'. It is very important to get your name right before the design process begins - it's much harder to change it down the track.

Please note: Acronyms are popular, especially incorporating people's initials or surnames, but it's easy to get these mixed up with other businesses, especially if it isn't clear what the letters stand for! Make sure your name is one that people won't forget!

Identify the 'character' of your business
What type of company is it? What do you want people to think about your company when they see your logo? Eg. Professional, friendly, contemporary, etc.


Find some examples of other logos that you like and try to work out what elements appeal to you (eg. Colours, fonts, use of graphics, layout, etc.) Colours and their meanings are very important in the design of a logo. There are lots of websites which help identify the symbolism of colour. Eg.

Your design

Some people have very clear ideas of what they want and may present sketches or computer generated concepts to the graphic designer. Others may have no idea what they want, or what will 'work' for them. Part of our role at Design Sense Graphics & Web is to be able to understand what the business is about and create a logo which will uniquely represent it; however, we are also happy to incorporate your ideas if you have some.

What is the process of designing a logo?

After meeting with the client to determine the goals you have for your business logo, the graphic designer will research and develop one or more concepts that are uniquely suited to your requirements. These concepts will then be provided to you for your consideration and you will be invited to comment and suggest changes you would like. The process of refining the logo until you are completely happy with the end result may take a few weeks, but we believe it is important to get it right. Once the logo is finalised, the branding process can begin.

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A guide to using your Logo correctly

Using your logo correctly on all media not only helps trigger an immediate visual association with you, but it also reinforces credibility of the items on which it appears. Consistency of usage is therefore important. Your logo should be used consistently and correctly in advertising and promotional materials, publications, web sites and software interfaces, presentations, stationery, etc. whether in print or electronic media.

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